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Dispute Resolution

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Supplement your in-house resources and your legal team with experienced and expert dispute managers. We provide our clients with high levels of success in preventing, managing and resolving contract disputes at all stages of adjudication and provide onward support to legal teams in arbitration and litigation.Our clients save money, increase profitability, reduce liabilities and avoid costly mistakes. We provide pragmatic expert advice and support both pre-contract, and when disputes arise or need to be defended.


Prevention of Disputes
•    Pre-contract advice on contract terms and conditions, and on risks
•    Negotiation of changes to contract
•    Advice on areas of potential high risk and avoidance strategies


Dealing with Disputes
•    Defence of claims or preparation of claims
•    Using expertise and knowledge of contract forms in detailed preparation
•    Finding the anomalies that negate, reduce or support claims
•    Audits and forensic analysis
•    Written submissions, reports and evidence
•    Presentations to and negotiations with opposing parties


Adjudication, Litigation and Arbitration
•    Administration and support to adjudication and arbitration procedures
•    Working with client legal teams to support their preparations
•    Acting as expert witnesses
•    Reducing legal costs by providing expert know-how and information
•    Conducting audits and forensic analysis

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